Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cam shows MD who's boss!

After a challenging start trying to get back to school and work, and a short night on sleep, Thursday morning came around rather quickly .  Cam did his boost then got ready to head to school to give it another shot.  Kevin took him in and off to the bathroom they went.  The plan was to have the school nurse go in and help him until he regained the strength to do it alone, but Cam, once again, showed his strength and determination and said he didn't need any help.  Cam pulled his chair in the way that his Dad had practiced with him and up and over to the toilet he went and back to his chair!  Cam went to school both Wednesday and Thursday full days and did everything on his own.  I can't put into words the feeling I had when I walked in Wednesday afternoon to see him smiling after a full day of school and telling me he did it on his own.  I think we all slept a little better that night :)

The weeks ahead bring appointments with the cardiologist, pulmonologist, follow up with the surgeon and a new MDA clinic at Lurie Childrens where we will see a neurologist, orthopedic and slew of therapists. We will keep you updated with how they go, for now we hope and pray that they are just routine visits.  Most of the doctors are new to us as we change his medical care over to the team at the new hospital.  The appointments will be long and grueling, telling the story of Cam's medical history for the last 9 years over and over again, but it is worth the agonizing to have Cam under the care of some of the best doctors in the world!  We are hoping with a new team in place we can push forward with some further genetic testing to come closer an exact diagnosis in order to aid in Cameron's treatment.  With all of the advances that go on in the medical field on a daily basis we feel as though we owe it to Cam to provide him with the best medical care we can find. 

I feel as though we have hiked our way out of another valley, cleared the treeline and are climbing for the next peak, Cameron's 10th birthday!!!  I can't believe almost 10 years have gone by, seems like just yesterday I was watching him take his first steps.  I know we have a long, bumpy road ahead of us with many obstacles, but in this moment I find peace that we made it through. We will enjoy the peace and serenity while it lasts and know that on the other side of every valley is this moment where we can all smile, take a deep breath and make every moment of our lives count.  

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