Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Things are starting to look up!

After a rough start to the day, things got a little better.  We narrowly avoided a second run in with the catheter which changed Cam's mood instantly!  He light up with a smile the instant he started to go, it was the best thing I've seen in the last 48 hours.  From there we continued increasing the pace of his tube feelings and he tolerated them well.  In the afternoon we got unhooked from the IV and took a cruise in his chair to check out the views of the city and lake from the hallway windows.  Cam said the fresh air felt good!  We stopped feeding through the tube about 2pm and he was able to eat a chicken tender, with ranch of course, and  said it felt good to eat again. We rested most of the afternoon, had some great visitors and Kev andI learned a lot. We learned a lot about the tube itself and some about how we use it. We both got to practice a bit connecting it and giving meds through it and it seems to be a little easier than I expected.  I will say the thought of never having to fight about drinking medicine again is very  nice.  The nurses got us all set up with home delivery of all our supplies and even had our pump delivered to the hospital so the nurse can teach us on ours tomorrow before we go home. 

At 6pm we tried to increase the speed of his feeds to 4oz in 30 mins because we were hoping to feed by gravity rather than pump which goes much faster.  Unfortunately it did not sit well, so we will slow things down and take it one day at a time increasing the pump speed as his body tolerates it.  After a little relaxing so his tummy would settle down we played a few card games and even had a few good laughs. Although laughing is not allowed per Cam's rules because it hurts his stomach where they place the tube. LOL  Now we got cleaned up and are settling in for what we hope to be an uneventful night with good sleep.  

Thanks again for your support, it means the world to us!

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