Monday, February 18, 2013

1 week post-op

So here we are, 1 week post-op already!!!  I can't believe that a week has gone by and Cam is headed back to school tomorrow and I am headed back to work.  All in all things have gone pretty easy since we came home, aside from the occasional moment when I want to throw that feeding pump across the room :)  Cam has been feeling better and better everyday and is working hard on stretching and moving around in hopes to be back to normal sooner than later.  His body is tolerating the feeds and he seems to be eating pretty good too.  We have a lot of homework to catch up on and lots of thank you notes to write today before things swing into full gear tomorrow.  

School days will be interesting as Cam's feeds (we call them boosts) of 120ml take about an hour to complete right now.  We are hoping to build up speed as we go, but for now that is as fast as his little body can handle without refluxing.  This means waking up extra early every morning so he can get an hour boost in as well as eat breakfast before school.  We tried to do one constant boost last night of 240ml in 1.5 hours because he did not eat much lunch or dinner but at 220ml he was refluxing.  

The site of his tube seems to be healing nicely and he doesn't have much pain when we manipulate it to clean it or hook it up.  Carrying him is still a bit interesting as it pulls on the site if we pick him up by the underarms like we normally do so we have to carry him in a laying position.  With his long legs we often run into doors and walls and get a good laugh out of it!!

Today Cam is diligently working on his homework to try and get caught up after missing 8 days of school.  Afterwards we might go try and find some fun and get him out of the house a bit.......maybe a little Dave and Busters in our future :)

The Schwartzbergs


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  2. I am so proud of him and Elisha and how amazing she has been taking care of him. Love you guys

  3. SO now I have to worry about hitting his legs when I carry him instead of banging his head on the roof of the car LOL. At least he is used to me banging him around. Glad he is doing good and going back to school. Love u!