Thursday, February 14, 2013

Feels good to be home!

It feels so good to be home and get a good nights sleep!!!

We were discharged yesterday afternoon about 3pm and headed home.  On our way out a volunteer from the family life center told us to stop by the Valentine's Party downstairs before we left because they had really great gifts for the kids.  We ventured down to the 12th floor family life center at Lurie Childrens Hospital and met some amazing people from an organization called Holiday Heroes.  (  They gave Cam a box of valentines, a valentines card and a Best Buy gift card!!!  It was a great going home gift.  

We made it home and got settled in and Cam was feeling good.  His pain is under control and his appetite is increasing.  His best friend came over and played Xbox with him for a couple hours, which is the best kind of therapy for Cam!  Today we are going to start trying to get him moving around a bit again and work on some stretches so his muscles don't atrophy too much.  He has lost quite a bit of strength over the last few months so we are hoping with proper nutrition and some therapy we can get some of it back. 

This morning he woke up after a great nights sleep and had a little breakfast and now we are getting ready to do our morning supplement.  Kev and I are learning as we go, but are doing pretty good with all of the new equipment we came home with!  I am very thankful for the internet to answer my questions as they come up :)  Today Cam will be home taking it easy and is hoping his best friend will be over again to play video games and take his mind off things.  I will be out shopping for a cabinet to house all of the supplies that Walgreens seems to keep delivering EVERYDAY!

Lot of love,
Kev, Elisha and Cam 

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