Sunday, March 3, 2013


So what is the true meaning of "friendship"? 

Cam can tell you................
It's the one person who wants to be like you because it makes you feel good!  Even if it means doing something you don't do everyday.
It is someone who does arts and crafts instead of the swing set because you can do it together!
 It's someone who shares their birthday party with you because you are only a week apart!

It's someone who goes to the beach and builds sandcastles and holds you up because it's hard to stand in the sand!
It's someone who lets your cousin hang with you and be silly, even if she's a girl!
It's someone who helps you up when you are down!
It's someone who will sit next to you when that's the only thing you feel like doing.

Cam is so lucky to have a friend that has been there through everything and no matter what, still stands by his side.  They have a special bond that I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience in their life. 

Cam had a great appointment this week with the cardiologist.  We were there for what seemed like forever, they did an EKG, an echocardiogram and then the Dr. came in.  She said Cam's heart was in great shape, was the right size and she didn't need to see us for 2 years!!!!  The best appointment we've had for a long time.  We are hoping the rest of our appointments continue to go this good so we can continue enjoying the peak of life :)

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