Thursday, June 20, 2013

Things that should be so fun.....

     So we set out today with a plan, we were going to get supplies for our new fire pit, get groceries and then head to the pool to sign up for our season pass and get our swim on!  Sounds great right?  Well the first few things went OK, Cam and I even stopped at Five Guys for a hot dog and some seriously amazing fries.  Then it was off to the pool, Cam was so excited about getting a pass so we could go whenever he wanted, swimming is one of his favorite things to do!  I can not even imagine how amazing it must feel to be able to walk without struggle, jump up and down and feel your legs beneath you holding you up.  He just smiles from ear to ear when he's in the water and bobs up and down.  He can hold his breath longer than anyone I know too!!  So we arrive at the pool, of which we had never been to, and I could see Cam's disappointment before we even parked the car.  The pool was much smaller than he had hoped and left a lot to be desired.  I put on a smile and said "let's go check it out, we're here and I want to swim!"  We went in and just paid the daily rate so we could make sure we liked it before we committed.  We get all ready to go.  Goggles....check, swim shirt.....check, into the pool we go.  Much to our surprise it was FREEZING!!!!  Cam's worst nightmare.  He is so thin that if the water is not warm, he cannot be even get in for a minute without shivering and his lips turning blue.  He tried twice to get in, but just couldn't stay in even up to his knees for longer than a minute.  So we packed it up and headed out :(  No pool pass for us this year.  
Ever since he was a baby he has loved the water!
Grammy and Grampy always cranked up the heater for Cam!

As long as he is warm, he is smiling!

Then I had a thought as we were getting in the car, I cancelled my Lifetime membership, but it is good through 7/1 so we could go swim there.  Smile back on :)  We arrive at lifetime, get all ready to go and we head into the pool.  The water is quite a bit warmer so Cam begins to bob up and down, stand on 1 leg, jump and bounce and attempt to tread water.....all the things he can't do out of the water.  He is so happy in the water, it melts my heart to watch the smile on his face and his excitement when he says "look at my feet Mom, I can bounce from one foot to the other!"  It's amazing how one moment can make you realize all of the simple things in life we take for granted each and every day.  Then he was getting tired so I scooped him up and sat him on the edge, before I knew it they were blowing the whistle at me telling me he couldn't sit there.  We headed to the steps so he could rest for a minute and again, before he could get a moment to rest they were blowing their whistle again!  He can't sit there either!!  Seriously, you can't sit on the edge to take a break!  Cam said he was ready to go back in, but when he did his legs were just too tired so he asked to go back to our chairs.  From the moment they blew the whistle I saw his frustration and disappointment and he was done, ready to go home.  How can something so simple such as wanting to go swimming be so hard.  Some days I don't know how he does it, I was broken today and I can only imagine how he must feel.  We came home and he sat with his computer and smiled and laughed all afternoon.  I guess that's his solace and I'm happy he has that, I only wish that he didn't have to face so much adversity every day. 

We ended our day on a positive note with steak on the grill, Cam's request, Jack Frost ice cream and he saw his teacher, which he was ecstatic about!  

Still to this moment he is sitting next to me, watching you tube videos and laughing out loud.  I guess his laughter is my solace because it brings a smile to my face and my heart skips a beat every time I hear him laugh.

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